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Biteful lets you place orders with all your suppliers, including those not on Biteful. Your current agreements don't change, we just make the ordering process easier for you.
Save 2+ hours weekly
Order as a Team
Order everything from all Your Suppliers
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For Suppliers

On Biteful, suppliers can turn their product lists digital, easily bring their customers onboard, and use EDI integrations to make order management faster.
Save Time & Money
Receive Accurate Orders
Automate & Optimise Order Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join Biteful?
Joining Biteful is simple! Just get started here or use the handy chat in the lower-right corner of our site. We'll guide you through a simple verification process to ensure authenticity and get you set up in no time!
I received an order via Biteful. Why and what’s next?
If you received an order through us, it means that one of your customers has chosen your products. Just process the order as you usually would. If you're not yet a Biteful member, the order will come to you via email. For Biteful users, it'll be right there on your dashboard.
How much does it cost to use Biteful?
Restaurants, cafes, and bars enjoy our primary services for free, guaranteed. The features you use today remain cost-free even as we develop new paid extras in the future. Suppliers, see our supplier's page or contact us for pricing info.
Is it a marketplace?
We're not your average marketplace; we're a central spot for handling orders efficiently. Our focus is to connect restaurants with suppliers, simplifying and tidying up the ordering process. We present products and manage orders, aiming to make your supply process easier and more organized.
Does Biteful offer price comparison tool?
Our commitment is to be a neutral platform for all—where restaurants and suppliers operate on level ground. We consciously avoid offering a price comparison feature as it could unfairly prioritize cost over quality, which doesn't align with our values or our suppliers' preferences. Our purpose is to deliver a well-balanced, neutral platform that serves the interests of every member within our community effectively.
What happens with all of the agreements and invoices?
Our platform is designed to enhance your business, not disrupt it. Your current agreements and invoices remain unchanged. Think of us as a helping hand, bringing order and simplicity to your operations while respecting the system, agreements and prices you already have in place.

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"Everything got 100 times better when ÜLO started using Biteful for bar orders!"
Miina S
General Manager, ÜLO
"Biteful has simplified and sped up our ordering process, eliminating the stress."
Semmo H
Manager, VLND Burger
"There's much less confusion and headache. The time I save is invaluable."
Martin K
Manager, POMO
"Biteful has changed our ordering process by eliminating the silly parts of the process."
Kristjan P
Owner, Lore Bistroo & Lee Restoran
"It saves, on average, including all the little nuances, whole workday in a month."
Marie V
Manager, Orangerie Cafe

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