Smarter HoReCa Orders.

Simplify, Cut Costs & Save Time

Biteful digitizes and simplifies how suppliers and restaurants manage their supply orders. With Biteful, suppliers set up their online ordering at a fraction of the cost, and restaurants place all their orders through one simple platform.

One platform for all suppliers and restaurants

Biteful helps suppliers, restaurants, cafes, and bars boost their efficiency and profits. With us, you stay ahead, improve team performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Centralized Ordering

Order everything from all suppliers in one place, even if they aren’t on our platform.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Centralize orders, automate your order processing, and eliminate costly mistakes.

Catered to the needs of all

We prioritize both suppliers and restaurants to offer the best solution on the market.

Supercharged Teams

With us, your team gets a boost in productivty, making your team achieve more in less time.



Last 12 months alone, businesses placed 35,000+ orders on Biteful.


revenue increase

On average, suppliers on Biteful see a 20% increase in order size.


of businesses

Thousands of HoReCa businesses rely on Biteful for their order management.


Top-Tier Ordering Platform at a Fraction of the Cost

Never miss an order, grow your customer base, increase revenue, and automatise order processing while eliminating costly errors. Biteful handles the digital complexities, so you can focus on your business.

Fastest Time to Launch

Be up and running in weeks, or even days, without the hassle and cost of building your own platform.

Automate Order Entry

Sync your ERP to streamline orders and inventory, saving time and eliminating manual entry.

Supercharge Sales Reps

Provide your customers curated product catalogs, allowing your sales team to focus on growing the business.


Order everything from all your suppliers within one place.

Stop juggling between phone calls, emails and ordering platforms. With Biteful, your team can place orders from all your suppliers in one place. Even if your suppliers don’t use Biteful, they’ll get the orders via Email or WhatsApp.

Centralize Ordering

Save time and bring clarity by having all suppliers and products on one platform within days.

Delegate Ordering

Delegation is simple when everything is in one place, itself avoiding messy spreadsheets and contact lists.

Track Ordering

Access all your order history and track order statuses in one unified location.

See how Biteful is changing B2B thinking


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Biteful cost?
For restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars, the features you use today remain cost-free even as we develop new paid extras in the future. For suppliers, we charge a monthly fee depending on your usage of Biteful.
I received an order via Biteful, but I haven't signed up?
If you received an order through Biteful, it means that one of your customers has added you to Biteful and added products under your profile. Just process the order as you usually would.
How to Join Biteful?
To join Biteful, just message us or send an email, and we’ll get you up and running in no time. Alternatively, if one of your suppliers has joined Biteful, you can ask them for an invitation.
Is Biteful a marketplace?
Biteful is not your typical marketplace; we're a platform for handling orders efficiently. Our focus is to connect suppliers with their HoReCa customers, simplifying and tidying up the ordering and processing for both sides. Even though customers on Biteful can explore new suppliers, we're not a typical marketplace as there's no price comparison.
Does Biteful offer price comparison tool?
We're commited to be a neutral platform for both sides—where suppliers and restaurants operate on level ground. We consciously avoid offering a price comparison feature as it could unfairly prioritize cost over quality, which doesn't align with our values or our suppliers' preferences. We aim to deliver a well-balanced, neutral platform that serves the interests of every member within our community.
Don't let technical challenges hold you back. Together, we can achieve better results for you and offer the best ordering experience to your customers.